Wherever we come from, whoever we are, whatever we do… we humans all have a profound common ground: we seek love. We want to be seen, be loved, be understood. We want to see, love, understand. And share.
That’s why we ALL matter.

“Baci sospesi” is part sculpture, part installation, part chest of stories.
The first installation of BACI SOSPESI  will become tangible and visible from the last saturday of August 2020 in Passoscuro, thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the association “L’isola delle correnti” and the precious help from Angelo Montesi.
BaciSospesi (the sculpture) will be placed close to the sea as a beacon… and it will contain (in small holes placed in the biggest “bacio”) excerpts of stories, messages written on paper, and references to recorded interviews (in audio only) that will be published on the web, here on my website (redirected also from

The phrases written on the pieces of paper, put into the sculpture, will be in time “stolen” by passing people, or blown away by the wind.
So, space for new “baci” (messages) will be available. The sculpture will serve as a recipient of stories, thoughts and wishes, for all those who want share or take.

The interviews involve different people from 18yo on, all genders, every nationality, different languages. No names or faces, just voices. They are asked about their love moments, relationships, crucial instants that impacted on their lives and evolution profoundly. Everybody is anonymous. The message is universal, the experience is human. The color of the skin, the profession… none of this matters. Just love.

Baci Sospesi is an on-going project. Men and women, humans of any ethicity and culture will share their stories  open-heartedly. Protected by anonymity they tell the world about their “kisses”, whether fearless or hesitant, liar, exhausted, surprised, expected, regret, lived, even if only for a full instant … they look like mirages but they are still warm on the skin.

Kisses suspended in time and space, launched to navigate the world as you can entrust your message in the bottle to the sea, for those who will be lucky and willing to collect it.

My vision is to multiply the sculptures and make more, each one will be unique, to be installed all over the mediterranean coasts.
My goal is to collect ALSO stories from refugees and so have a collection of stories from different humans wo share the same Sun, same feelings, same human ground. So I’d love to place my second Baci Sospesi installation in Lampedusa, by the sea.

I will bring “Baci Sospesi” as a theatrical performance all over Europe. I will involve more people as I travel, recording their stories and make the audience at the same time listen and tell.

(keep reading…)

You who have kisses to give, come and bring them; you who don’t have enough come and take some. Or both.

So… the first BACI SOSPESI installation will be presented  in Passoscuro the 29th of August 2020, in Via Carbonia, corner with via Pattada, at 6.30 PM SHARP (arrive early because parking the car could take a little while).

To take active part in the project and tell your story, write to bacisospesi at

HERE in this video from minute 5 onward, the vice Major of Fiumicino, Ezio di Genesio Pagliuca, talks about our murals and my Baci Sospesi sculpture.


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