Il mare in discesa, ancora per un weekend.

La mia prima volta da curatrice. Dopo Baci Sospesi, che prosegue e che oggi vede la pubblicazione della ventunesima chiacchierata dal titolo “muchos proyectos” ascoltabile qui, mi prendo un po’ di tempo per raccontarvi la mia ultima fatica. Stavolta da direttrice, curatrice, regista d’arte. Si tratta de “Il mare in discesa” una personale di pittura […]


Today. saturday 29th August 2020, BACI SOSPESI is launched officially. The first sculpture is in Passocuro and 19 recorded moments are already online, you can listen to them from this site,on the page Baci Sospesi. More stories and more sculptures to come, today we celebrate life and our human desire for connection, for recognition, for […]

Installation, performance, chest of stories.

BACI SOSPESI Wherever we come from, whoever we are, whatever we do… we humans all have a profound common ground: we seek love. We want to be seen, be loved, be understood. We want to see, love, understand. And share. That’s why we ALL matter. “Baci sospesi” is part sculpture, part installation, part chest of […]

Acqua Viva, un nuovo murale

Il terzo murale realizzato a Passoscuro si chiama “Acqua viva”, come la mia poesia del 1998 che porta lo stesso titolo. Realizzato a giugno 2020 e presentato al pubblico il 4 luglio, insieme agli altri 6 murales del muro denominato “le magnifiche 7”, sul lungomare di Passoscuro di fronte allo stabilimento Green Beach, è visitabile […]


BC, before covid19. Dal 15 al 26 febbraio 2020, si è tenuta presso l’associazione Artheka 32, in via Sartena 30 a Ostia (Roma) la personale di pittoscultura Centrifugo – Centripeto, un viaggio tridimensionale nel senso profondo del movimento umano, da e verso l’altro, il diverso da sé. Una speranza-certezza di trovare umanità e bellezza, in […]

Dipinti su carta

Around January-February 2020 before the lockdown, I made a series of paintings on handmade paper. As soon as I will be able to retrive the website original editor (which crashed) and update the homepage and the paintings page, I’ll add the pictures there too. Until then, you can have a look at them here (a […]


Yeah well… I did it again! Finished for Easter, I made another murals in Passoscuro, this time right in front of the sea, on the fishermen shore.  I chose to give total space to my “La Princesse de Yoff” and it was very warmly welcomed by the locals. Thanks to “L’isola delle correnti” and Valentina […]

3D TANGO (slice of life)

I was playing around the idea of working on handmade paper, and I eventually did it. I decided to make my 3D idea live on four 2 dimensions slices. It’s a man and woman engaged in a passionate tango. I tell their story, their bodies, their emotions… through slicing up their movement. Only composing back […]

Murales in Passoscuro

Ebbene sì! Well yes. I finally made my first public “murale”, in a small village by the sea, one hour from Rome going North: Passoscuro. Thanks to the energetic genius of Valentina Fabi, friend, artist and art teacher who is changing the face of Passoscuro, , I have been offered a challenging wall to paint. […]


Entra l’invisibile is the title of the last exhibition I joined, with many other artists from Ipazia Immaginepensiero Onlus (which I am a part of) This Exhibition was dedicated to the magic world of Luigi Pirandello’s “I giganti della montagna”. I participated with 2 sculpture-paintings that formed an installation-composition. Thanks to those who came! Thanks […]