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Yeah well… I did it again! Finished for Easter, I made another murals in Passoscuro, this time right in front of the sea, on the fishermen shore.  I chose to give total space to my “La Princesse de Yoff” and it was very warmly welcomed by the locals. Thanks to “L’isola delle correnti” and Valentina…
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3D TANGO (slice of life)

I was playing around the idea of working on handmade paper, and I eventually did it. I decided to make my 3D idea live on four 2 dimensions slices. It’s a man and woman engaged in a passionate tango. I tell their story, their bodies, their emotions… through slicing up their movement. Only composing back…
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Murales in Passoscuro

Ebbene sì! Well yes. I finally made my first public “murale”, in a small village by the sea, one hour from Rome going North: Passoscuro. Thanks to the energetic genius of Valentina Fabi, friend, artist and art teacher who is changing the face of Passoscuro, , I have been offered a challenging wall to paint.…
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Entra l’invisibile is the title of the last exhibition I joined, with many other artists from Ipazia Immaginepensiero Onlus (which I am a part of) This Exhibition was dedicated to the magic world of Luigi Pirandello’s “I giganti della montagna”. I participated with 2 sculpture-paintings that formed an installation-composition. Thanks to those who came! Thanks…
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The magic of handmade paper

I am captured by white, lately. No wonder I finally ended up considering making some new pieces in paper. Not any paper, THE paper. This is why I am now exploring the adventurous thought of handmade paper sculpture-paintings, with the priceless collaboration of Maestro Sandro Tiberi himself. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

My new solo exhibition

“Punto Punto A – il tempo dell’umano” is the title of my new solo exhibition, I will be showing my 2016-’17 work. What’s Punto Punto A? – you might ask… We all know that time in human interactions and inneractions is profoundly different from what we measure with our clocks. Creating, dreaming, thinking, imaging, learning,…
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