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How long till my next exhibition?


“Punto Punto A – il tempo dell’umano” is the title of my last solo exhibition, held in Rome in December 2017
I brought my 2016-’17 work.
What’s Punto Punto A? – you might ask…
We all know that time in human interactions and inneractions is profoundly different from what we measure with our clocks. Creating, dreaming, thinking, imaging, learning, loving, they all have a pace that differs from what flows around. Some intuitions, some clicks, are so fast they defeat the very idea of time, while some seconds can last ages if we suffer or we are in fear.
In one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had, one night of November 2016, I knew that this impalpable yet very tangible fabric of our existance which is time, is expressed by the formula “..A”, and it is represented by the colours white and red. In that dream I knew that time itself does not exist. All is now.
Is it so? What is time? What is time for humans?
My mind is exploring a gazillion questions, while my hands surprise me with white and red (mainly).
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In a nutshell


Former copywriter and creative director in advertising, Barbara Sbrocca began creating sculpture-paintings in 2001, thanks to her research on human psiche leading to the decade-long work of the psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli.

Sbrocca explores the world of non-conscious images, leaving a wide space to improvisation. This path often brings Sbrocca to the creation of works related to music, especially jazz.
Hers three cover pictures for pianist composer Enrico Pieranunzi (Perugia suite, Trasnoche, Les Amants); her paintings are also on two albums by pianist and composer Stefania Tallini (Dreams, Maresìa).

Since March 2017, three new works “emerged” from the music of composer guitarist Stefano Calderano (“A un passo mi sfiori,” “Mare inverso” and “Calderan Blu“).

Since January 2018 Sbrocca joins “Ipazia – Immaginepensiero” onlus.

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From 18 to 28 May 2002, at the Arte IN Association in Rome, she exhibites together with Enzo Gravante, Coralba Libra, and Patrizia Ricchiuti, with the patronage of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in a group exhibition named (for her part) “Le Linee di dentro (The lines of whithin)”.

From 21 to 28 September 2002 she exhibites with a solo named “Dimmi, senza parlare” in Rome at the Association Il pane e le Rose Art Space.

From 8th to 22nd March 2003 she exhibites together with Pier Paolo Parogni and Mario Antonio Pelosi, in Rome, at the GARD art gallery in the exhibition “Il segno e il Volume (The sign and the volume)”.

In 2007 she publishes with D’Arco Edizioni a book entitled “Umano come me (Human like me)”, an anthology of works and poems, accompanied by an exclusive CD by Stefania Tallini (piano) and Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet).

The album, entitled “Pasodoble”, becomes the leitmotif of the show-event held at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome from December 9, 2007 to January 4, 2008. A video here.
At the inauguration on December 9, pianist and composer Stefania Tallini , in quartet with Gabriele Mirabassi, Nicola Angelucci and Gianluca Renzi, play exclusively for the artist the music from PASODOBLE.

On December 16th, composer Arturo Tallini and singer Marilena Paradisi present, within Sbrocca’s exhibition and exclusively for the artist, their concert-project “Intuendo. Trasformazioni per voce e chitarra. (Sensing, transformations for Voice and Guitar.”

From 2007 to 2012, Sbrocca works with Master Printer Antonio Sannino (Stamperia Nazionale Italiana Istituto centrale per la Grafica) and among other things she produces two limited editions prints of “Light” and “Pasodoble” in etching.
For more information on Master Sannino (R.I.P.) see this number of Sofa on page 69.

In 2007, director and writer Massimo D’orzi makes a short docu-film titled “Improvvisando. Suono-segno-attesa-materia (Improvising” sound-sign-waiting-matter) ” about the (apparently solitary but actually choral) genesis of Sbrocca’s work.

From January 29 to February 3, 2008 she participates in the collective “Art and Eros” at the III Millennium Art Gallery in Venice.

From 12 to 20 December 2009, on the invitation of Count Alessandro-Ferruccio Marcucci Pinoli of Valfesina, Nani for friends, Sbrocca exhibits with a solo titled “CLOSER, intimità di un’immagine (CLOSER, intimacy of an image)” at Alexander Museum Palace Hotel in Pesaro. At the inauguration, pianist and composer Stefania Tallini exclusively holds for the artist a solo piano concert.

In the issue # 50 of “Inside Art” monthly Art magazine, in January 2009, in the section entitled “Word of the Artist” an article by Barbara Sbrocca is titled “Nudo d’autore” from page 86.

On issue # 7 of February 2009 of the quarterly Sofa, a long interview with the artist signed by Maurizio Zuccari.

From October 2 to 9, 2010 she shows in the group exhibition “30×30 = 900 / Works by MostrArti” at MostrArti, curated by NWart and Antonella Campilongo.

From 8th to 11th April 2011 she participates in the collective “Women in the Arts” organized in Rome from the first Home Art Gallery “Artrom Network” (special guest Philippe Daverio).

Since 2013 she has a brand – Himbarossa – with which she signs jewelery in silver, murano glass beads (made by herself) and ebony.

In September 2016, at the invitation of the Soqquadro art association, she participates in the collective “Legàmi (Bonds)” at the International Women’s House, included in the AMACI Contemporary Day, an exhibition conceived for blind and visually impaired artists (and visitors). For the occasion, Sbrocca creates a work, titled “In ogni momento (At All Times)”, which also includes a braille sentence, drawn from a poem by the Psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli.
A picture here.

Between March and May 2017, she works on Monica Palladino‘s first book, named “Ondeia. Racconti d’acqua e di pesca: le voci della Costa Viola“. Sbrocca took care of the title, the concept, the complete layout,  and all the drawings.

Since 2002 she is also creates interior design works: murals, doors, furniture (including cabinets, benches, dressers, lamps, etc.).

Sbrocca is now working on her next solo show, entititled “..A” (point poin A), which will be held in Rome at the Casa della Cultura Villa De Sanctis (via Casilina 665) from the 8th to the 10th of December 2017.

SIDENOTE: this curriculum only refers to Sbrocca’s artistic carreer. For more Info about her activities, please visit her linkedin profile and her Viva e Vegeta radio blog.

NOTE: all works (sculpture-paintings, jewelery, furniture, etc.) are unique pieces.

They said

(some of the reviews)


Antonella Renzitti
Art historian
Istituto centrale per la Grafica, Roma

Barbara Sbrocca finds a field of action that allows her to experiment and come up with very personal language solutions … With full-bodied expertly deployed signs, she combines synthesis and eloquence, harmony and contrast … through a research free  from academic constraints, Sbrocca arrives at that which is the purpose of art: to narrate moods, to communicate suggestions, atmospheres, sounds.

(Original text)
Barbara Sbrocca individua un campo d’azione che le permette di sperimentare e di inventare soluzioni linguistiche molto personali …
Con segni corposi sapientemente distribuiti, riesce a coniugare sintesi ed eloquenza, armonia e contrasto … attraverso una ricerca libera da condizionamenti accademici, Sbrocca giunge a quella che è la finalità dell’arte: narrare stati d’animo, comunicare suggestioni, atmosfere, suoni.

Vincenzo Martorella
Professor of history of music
Conservatorio B. Marcello, Venezia.

The image, the design, the shape, the sign suddenly erupt, as suggested or precipitated by listening … in the works of the painter you fall into a music-like beauty, in an exclusive semantic contradiction. A new world … Barbara Sbrocca finds a singular originality of expression, something other, which has no comparison either for techniques used or for the results, said in this wonderful language possible.

(Original Text)
L’immagine, il disegno, la forma, il segno erompono all’improvviso, come suggerite o precipitate dall’ascolto … nelle opere della pittrice si cade in una bellezza tutta musicale, in un esclusivo controsenso semantico.
Un nuovo mondo … Barbara Sbrocca trova un’originalità espressiva singolare, altra, che non ha raffronti né per tecniche utilizzate, né per gli esiti, detti in questa meravigliosa lingua eventuale.

Massimo D’orzi
Director and Writer

I find myself crossing an unfamiliar landscape that I think to travel one way, in one direction, along the coordinates, while I’m immediately upside down, forced to change my gaze, perspective … distance. For Barbara this challenge is the human imagination that now stretches horizontally and vertically, oblique, bends, shows unexpected matters, lines that escape a rational classification.

(Original text)
Mi trovo come ad attraversare un paesaggio sconosciuto che penso di percorrere in un modo, in una direzione, lungo delle coordinate, mentre mi trovo immediatamente capovolto, costretto a cambiare sguardo, punto di vista… distanza.
Per Barbara questo luogo di sfida è la fantasia umana che adesso si distende in orizzontale e verticale, obliqua, si curva, mostra materie inattese, linee che sfuggono ad una classificazione razionale.