“Baci Sospesi” home edition

I have created “Baci Sospesi – home edition”, a number of little sculptures inspired by my BaciSospesi (Suspended Kisses) project. They are made in wood and aluminum and they come in 3 sizes, small (around 25 cm) medium (around 30 cm) and big (sound 35 cm. Measures can vary ┬ásince each piece is unique, hand […]

Installation, performance, chest of stories.

BACI SOSPESI Wherever we come from, whoever we are, whatever we do… we humans all have a profound common ground: we seek love. We want to be seen, be loved, be understood. We want to see, love, understand. And share. That’s why we ALL matter. “Baci sospesi” is part sculpture, part installation, part chest of […]