In these last few months I have been superbusy with The Octopus Movement, where I became an active founder.
So I am meeting lots of people from all  over the globe and Baci Sospesi is of course growing up with me.
Did you have the chance to listen to some of the intimate conversations I have recorded? They are actually AUDIO PORTRAITS.

I am planning to record many more, and also to be able to set the foundations for a Baci Sospesi installation abroad.

I am also interested in creating a Baci Sospesi kids edition, because I want to listen to kids’ idea about connections, diversity, encounters, love and separations.
Looking for an art residency to do so.

Any idea, proposals, opportunity, funds? Let me know: barbara at sbrocca dot com.

want to participate in BaciSospesi telling me your love story?

click and book me from here, or write a DM to me.



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