“Dilatazioni di tempo e spazio” a new project

Seven words, seven sculptures, seven audio files with sounds, music and poems. “Dilatazioni di tempo e spazio” (“Expansions of time and space”)┬áis my new art adventure (conceived for the “Festival del Tempo 2021” by Roberta Melasecca), in which I involved Eleonora Aleotti, poet and soprano singer, and Matteo Di Giamberardino, sound designer. Finding human/nature and […]

Installation, performance, chest of stories.

BACI SOSPESI Wherever we come from, whoever we are, whatever we do… we humans all have a profound common ground: we seek love. We want to be seen, be loved, be understood. We want to see, love, understand. And share. That’s why we ALL matter. “Baci sospesi” is part sculpture, part installation, part chest of […]