I decided to go, I followed an intuition. I was right: miles and miles apart I could never guess what an amazing group of girls in a remote village of rural India is achieving.
I could never guess what working “at grassroot level” means. What’s the level of mental health it profoundly requires.
I could never imagine what is the price to pay for surviving to visible violence.

I have met and worked with a few brave girls like Rinki, Priya, Premlata, Hema and Anita (from left to right in the pict). I have been gifted of some deep moments, moments I will never forget for all my life, of human connection beyond language, age, culture and experience.

I came back with more questions than I could ever imagined but one strong certainty: the human profound needs, beyond food and shelter, are the same in all of us. Invisible violence, coming from people you trust, is way more dangerous and hurting than the violence you can see coming you way.
So many layers, so much work to do, so many nuances.
I am glad I had the opportunity to live a tiny little piece of a different universe where magnificent little humans are fighting for their lives. I hope they will also fight to save their fantasy/hope, despite.

with the Jungle Butterflies in the village of Jonha, Jharkhand, India


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