“Punto Punto A – il tempo dell’umano” is the title of my new solo exhibition,
I will be showing my 2016-’17 work.

What’s Punto Punto A? – you might ask…
We all know that time in human interactions and inneractions is profoundly different from what we measure with our clocks. Creating, dreaming, thinking, imaging, learning, loving, they all have a pace that differs from what flows around. Some intuitions, some clicks, are so fast they defeat the very idea of time, while some seconds can last ages if we suffer or we are in fear.
In one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had, one night of November 2016, I knew that this impalpable yet very tangible fabric of our existance which is time, is expressed by the formula “..A”, and it is represented by the colours white and red. In that dream I knew that time itself does not exist. All is now.
Is it so? What is time? What is time for humans?
My mind is exploring a gazillion questions, while my hands surprise me with white and red (mainly).
Come join me in this journey. And bring your own questions.

8-10 December 2017
Casa della Cultura,
Via Casilina 665

8th December 2017 4pm – 10pm

9th and 10th December 4pm – 9pm


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