Seven words, seven sculptures, seven audio files with sounds, music and poems.
“Dilatazioni di tempo e spazio” (“Expansions of time and space”) is my new art adventure (conceived for the “Festival del Tempo 2021” by Roberta Melasecca), in which I involved Eleonora Aleotti, poet and soprano singer, and Matteo Di Giamberardino, sound designer.

Finding human/nature and human/human balance inevitably requires to rediscover your own, through a path of re-centering and expansion that resembles a breath and that passes through seven steps.


memoria-fantasia, incontro, respiro, orizzonte, momento, centro, punto


The search for one’s own internal “axis” starts from who one is and also where and when one is, in relation to what surrounds us. Through sculpture, words, voice and sounds, my installation will expand and collect the spectator’s energy, to direct it into a time-space of fluid suggestion. Wholeness, through a path of connections and separations.

The observer is invited to explore him/her self through seven key words (memory-fantasy, encounter, breath, horizon, moment, center, period) visually represented by a sequence of seven sculptures (about 40 x 240 x 3 cm), and acoustically from a sequence of sound/song/poem to be listened to through headphones.

“Expansions of time and space” is a permeable meta-place that allows you to get in tune with the environment through only one apparent break from it, as it happens in meditation.

Project, art direction and sculptures: Barbara Sbrocca
Poems and voice: Eleonora Aleotti
Sound design: Matteo Di Giamberardino



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