Baci Sospesi (look for the menu tag Baci Sospesi to know more) is an international project about love/separations.

In these last few months I have been involved with The Octopus Movement, where I became an active founder and Ambassador for Italy.
I am meeting people from all  over the globe and Baci Sospesi is growing accordingly.

The project is based on audio-portraits. I ask people to tell me about their love and separations experience. As a symbol for the project I create installations where people can exchange messages  of love and hope.
Listen to all the Baci Sospesi audio-portraits here.

Two are the site-specific installations created so far, they are both in Italy.The first one in Passoscuro, north of Rome, the second is in Pioraco, in the Marche region.
I create the installations upon invitation of private citizens, foundations, companies and municipalities.

For picts and videos look for Baci Sospesi on FB and IG.
for more info read  here, here
and here

want to participate in BaciSospesi telling me your love story? click and book me from here, or write to me at info at sbrocca dot com.



Above, you can see a piece of the second site-specific installation for
“Baci Sospesi”  project, this was created in Pioraco (MC) Italy.


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